Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing,
but the body is weak.
Matthew 26:41
St: George Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church
Kadamattam St.George Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church is one of the famous churches in India under the Holly See of Antioch and the East. The church is established by Mor Abo ,A Persian priest with the help of “Aikunnathu Karthakkanmar” in AD 865 (Year 40 of MalayalamEra) It is believed that Mor Abo stayed in a hut with a poor widow and her only son named Paulose in AD 865.
Paulose helped Mor Abo for several years and later ordained as a priest .Later he is known as Kadamattathu Kathanar
The church is renovated four times during this period. The Church which has a membership of 1300 families is under Kandanadu diocese of Malankara Syrian Church. It is governed and spiritual matters are guided by the Metropolitan of Kandandu Diocese who
owes allegiance to Apostolic See Antioch through the Catholicose of Malankara under the Patriarcha of Antioch and all theEast. Five chappels in Avunda, Noonootty,Valakom,Kunnathukadu,Cheriya oorayam and various Kurusupallies on other areas have been established under this parish
News & Events
Date :21-27/12/2014, Sun-Sat
Holly Qurbana at Valiya Pally
6.45 am (Valiya Pally)
8.30 am (( Valiya Pally )
8.00 am (( Valiya Pally )
Week Days
7.30 am (( Valiya Pally)
Date :28/12/14-03/01/15, Sun-Sat
Holly Qurbana at Poyedam Valiya Pally
6.45 am (Poyedam Cheriya Pally)
8.30 am (Poyedam Valiya Pally)
8.00 am ((Poyedam Valiya Pally )
Week Days
7.30 am ((Poyedam Valiya Pally )
Week Days Prayer Timings
Saturday :
Evening Prayer - 6:00PM
Sunday :
Holy Qurbono(1st) - 7:00AM
Holy Qurbono(2st) - 8:30AM
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Week Days Prayer Timings
Ambulance and mobile Mortuary Unit service Please contact offide or call our
24 hours helpline
Mob : 9495467501
Ph : 04842 765019, 280333